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Dear Visitor! Welcome to Galeyev Gallery’s new virtual portal!

      Our gallery, which specializes in 20th Century Russian works of art of the pre-World War II period, opened its door in May 2006. We’re located in the heart of Moscow’s historic and cultural center, on Bolshoi Kozikhinskii Pereulok, near Patriarch’s Ponds.

      The gallery’s inaugural exhibition, which featured the works of Lev Lapin (1989-1962), “Linocuts of the 1930s,” was a reflection not only of Il’dar Galeyev’s expertise in Russian art of the 1920s and 1930s, but also laid the foundation for the gallery’s future strategy and direction.

    Our gallery’s goal is, first, to introduce to the public previously unknown artworks of the 1920s and 1930s, bringing to light artists who have been undeservedly forgotten and have not received the artistic attention their talent merits, and, second, to exhibit the unique, but lesser-known works of the more famous artists of that era.

      Each exhibition at the gallery is dedicated to one carefully-selected artist, and features only his or her works. Every exhibit is preceded by months and even years of meticulous research and consultation with renowned experts in the field. As a result, our gallery is able to not only display wonderful works of art that have never been seen before, but also to accompany every exhibition with a unique catalogue that features previously unpublished materials. Our exhibitions not only excite scholarly attention, but appeal to a wide audience interested in art in general.

      We hope that our project will allow the public to become more closely acquainted with Russia’s artistic heritage of the early 20th Century and interwar periods.

      The gallery is open from 11am to 7pm Tuesday to Sunday. Admission is free.


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